Michael Evans

Assistant Professor   
Langdale Hall 1017

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. 2009. University of Maryland, Department of Government and Politics
M.A. 2002. Political Science, Western Washington University

Current Areas of Research:

Measuring and explaining the rhetorical, interpretive and linguistic content of Supreme Court opinions and briefs; Madisonian political theory; psycholinguistic analysis of presidential rhetoric and personality.

Recent Publications:

2012. "Perpetuating the Myth of the Culture War Court? Issue Attention in Newspaper Coverage of U.S. Supreme Court Nominations." American Politics Research 40(6): 1026-1066." [with Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz]

2010. “Amicus Curiae Participation and Impact on U.S. Supreme Court Fifth Amendment Takings Decisions.” In (McIntosh and Laura Hatcher editors) Property Rights and Neo-liberalism: Cultural Demands and Legal Actions. Ashgate Press. Surrey, UK. [with Rebecca Thorpe, Wayne McIntosh, and Stephen Simon]

2008. Review of (Gregory S. Alexander, author) The Global Debate over Constitutional Property: Lessons for American Takings Jurisprudence. Published in Law and Politics Book Review: Vol. 18, No. 10: pp.884-897