Susanne Schorpp

Assistant Professor

Personal website:
Langdale Hall 1011

Curriculum Vitae

Education:  Ph.D. University of South Carolina

Research Interests:  My research explores the conditions that impact the willingness and ability of courts to protect individual rights as well as the limitations of a rights-focused judiciary, both in American politics and in comparative perspective.

      • Judicial Politics, Legitimacy of Courts, American and Comparative Political Institutions, Separation of Powers

Recent publications: 

      • 2012. Schorpp, Susanne. "Strategic Anticipation of Noncompliant Governors: State Supreme Court Behavior in Response to the Political Environment."  Accepted for publication at the Justice System Journal.
      • 2012. Schorpp, Susanne. "Treatment of Government Interest on the Supreme Court of Canada after 9/11." Zeitschrift fuer Kanada Studien, 32(1): 9-25.
      • 2011. Sanchez Urribarri, Raul, Susanne Schorpp, Kirk Randazzo and Donald Songer.  "Explaining Changes to Rights Litigation: Testing a Multivariate Model in a Comparative Framework." The Journal of Politics, 73(2): 391-405 & "The Support Structure and Sustained Attention to Rights: A Rejoinder." The Journal of Politics, 73(2): 410-411.