All undergraduate students intending to major in Political Science will first declare the major at the Office of Academic Assistance (418 Langdale Hall) and then seek regular assistance from that office regarding evaluation of transfer work, assistance with course selection and schedule revision, advisement concerning university policies and regulations, evaluation of degree requirements for graduation, and preparation of graduation audits. Additionally, all Political Science majors will be assigned a Political Science faculty advisor upon declaring the major.

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Prior to the opening of registration for upcoming Fall and Spring semesters of each academic year, faculty advisors shall formally advise the students assigned to him or her by posting a sign-up sheet outside the respective office of the faculty member for fifteen-minute advisement sessions. Such advisement sessions shall include, but not be limited to, course selection and graduation requirements.

Advisees can seek additional assistance throughout the semester during the faculty member’s regularly scheduled office hours (or by appointment at the faculty member’s discretion). Students should not, however, come to the department without appointment for advisement outside the Faculty Advisor’s office hours and/or the open advisement week and expect advisement.