Helpful Resources

Teaching Resources

EPY9000 resources (description, requirements, sample syllabi, etc.)

Center for Teaching and Learning

Especially the Teaching Office (Scanning & Scoring HQ)  Seriously, fast turn around, the printouts are incredibly detailed, save yourself the time of grading multiple choice by hand!

eReserves: Post chapters or articles online for your classroom

eTraining: teach yourself all sorts of computer programs and whatnot

Faculty Handbook

Information Systems & Technology Services

Library Systems Services

UETS Events

WebCT: Faculty Lounge (learn how to use it as a faculty member)

Comps Resources

On November 4, we had both faculty and students talk about how they prepared for Comprehensive Exams. Thanks to Amir for providing a resources hard copy of his preparation routine. We hope to provide other lists and notes in the future.

Please update the PSGSA about when you are taking Comps and what your fields are.  We'll keep a list handy at meetings, so you can find study partners. 

PSGSA- November 13, 2005

Moving to Atlanta

MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority): often mocked, but it has 2 train stations within a few blocks of campus, and many of us couldn't survive without it, plus we get sweet monthly student discounts

General Information about Atlanta

Relocation information

Our illustrious local newspaper: Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC)