Clinical Labs

Aki's Lab, Anxiety Research and Treatment (ART) Lab, Behavioral Science Lab, The Child Health and Medical Pain (CHAMP) Lab, Clinical Neuropsychology Labs, El Centro: National Latino Research Center on Domestic Violence, Empowerment Implementation Research Lab (EIRL), Family, Emotions, and Empathy Lab (FEEL), HIV and Families Lab, The Individual Differences and Developmental Psychopathology (IDDP) Lab

Cognitive Sciences Labs

Brain Electrophysiology of Language and Literacy Systems (BELLS), Brain, Language and Evolution (BLE) Laboratory, CGS Virtual Reality Laboratory (CGS/VR), Comparative Economics and Behavioral Studies Laboratory (CEBUS), Individual Differences in Executive Attention (IDEA) Laboratory, Memory and Eyewitness Accuracy Laboratory, PSCEB Laboratory Suite, Sonny Carter Life Sciences Laboratory

Community Labs

Empowerment Implementation Research Lab (EIRL), Family and Youth Resiliance Lab, Laboratory of Health Promotion Research and Intervention, Social Ecology and Development Laboratory

Developmental Labs

Child & Adolescent Development Research Group, Communication Across the Lifespan Lab, Gesture and Language Lab, Learning and Development Lab, Observational Lab, Symbol Acquisition Lab

Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience Labs

Brain Electrophysiology of Language and Literacy Systems (BELLS), Brain Imaging, Rehabilitation, and Cognition (BIRC) Laboratory, Clinical Neuropsychology Labs, Imaging Genetics & Informatics Lab (IGIL), Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience, Laboratory for the Neurobiological Study of Sociosexual Behavior, Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology and Behavior, Laboratory for the Neuroethology of Social Behavior, Laboratory for the Study of Energy Balance and Metabolism, Neurobiology of Memory Lab, Sonny Carter Life Sciences Lab