General Information

Coordinator: Rachelle Cohen, Ph.D.
Email Practicum program:


Applied Practica in Psychology (Psyc 4770) and Research Practica in Psychology (Psyc 4760) have the following prerequisites:

  • A student must be in sophomore standing
  • A student must have taken Psyc 3110 (Interpersonal Behavior) (Psyc 4770 only)
  • A student must have a minimum (overall) GPA of 2.5 and a minimum Psychology GPA of 3.0
  • Advising and authorization by the department

Description of Practicum Program

Students work and receive training in a setting where psychological methods and principles are applied in a community setting (Psyc 4770) or through directed research involving the principles and methods of psychology in a research setting (Psyc 4760). Each practicum course is equivalent to 1-3 credit hours of course work. Students are required to receive 30 hours of training for each credit hour registered. Each student is expected to have weekly contact with an on-site supervisor or faculty supervisor directing the project.

Students are expected to demonstrate their growth and their ability to integrate this experience through a written document at the end of the semester for each practicum, e.g. a scholarly paper, a journal, or reaction paper. All students registered for practicum will receive a grade of "S" or "U" in this course. According to the provision of the current catalog, we allow students a maximum combined total of (6) six hours of Psyc 4760 or Psyc 4770. No more than (3) three credit hours can be taken per semester, for example, (3) three Fall semester and (3) three Spring semester for a total of (6) six or (2) two fall, (2) two Spring and (2) two Summer for a total of (6) six.

Applied/Service Practica (4770). This training experience gives students hands-on experience in the field working with children, courts, advocacy groups, faculty projects, and other community-based agencies. Students planning to apply to graduate programs in psychology will enhance the application to graduate program in psychology with the addition of this experience. You will also develop new skills and gain valuable work experience participating in a service practica. The Psychology Department maintains a roster of agencies and faculty projects that have practicum positions open for undergraduates on the Psychology Department undergraduate web page.
See Applied Practica Sites.

Research Practica (4760). This is an opportunity for students to get hands on directed research experience in the Psychology Department. Faculty needing help on their grants or other research/academic projects often offer practicum experiences. This opportunity is especially useful for students planning to continue their studies in graduate school. Practicum opportunities are also available with hospital-based research projects and local universities looking for large number of undergraduates for their projects. See Faculty Lab descriptions and Research Practica Sites.

Application Procedures

    • Students MUST begin with the Psychology Undergraduate Advisement Office to discuss their academic standing and to check that course prerequisites have been satisfied.
    • Sign-up sheets are available at the reception desk on the 11th floor of Urban Life.
    • Review the practicum website and have a general idea where you would like to interview before going to the advising session.
    • Students should bring an current PACE form to their advising session.
    • Advisors will check prerequisites, go over available sites, and assign (2) sites for students to interview.
    • If interested in working in a faculty lab students need to contact faculty directly ONLY AFTER COMPLETING ADVISEMENT if their project is not listed on practicum site web page.
    • Students will receive an application from the psychology advisor once the advisement session is complete
    • The advisor will place an advisement code and signature on the application form which indicates that the student has been advised. Students will not be allowed to interview at the applied site or consult with the faculty member without this code.
    • After students have completed their interviews and have selected a site or faculty project for practicum they can complete the appropriate application and leave with receptionist on 11th floor for Dr. Jackson.
    • Applications will be used to facilitate the registration process. Please complete with the help of Advisors or faculty to assure accuracy.
    • The Practicum program will contact students using their GSU email address only with information to complete the registration process.
    • All interviews,and paperwork must be completed by the end of the normal registration period for all practicum.
    • Students should allow at least one month to complete the entire process for practica sites off campus. These sites will require interviews of students at the site.

Grading and Evaluations

Students working on faculty projects must comply with written evaluations as outlined by faculty supervisors. All students registered for practicum will receive either an "S" (satisfactory) or "U" (unsatisfactory) grade for the course. All off campus practicum sites receive a midterm and final evaluation form from the Practicum Office. The practicum office will use supervisor evaluations along with final written paper for the final assigned grade.

Additional Information

If you need additional information please email the practicum program at: with “practicum” in the Subject Line.   You will receive an automatic response with the following Word attachments:  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), Registration Instructions, and other resource information to help with the practicum advisement process.