Careers and Resources in Psychology

Information is available in books, videos, articles, and over the web. The task of finding the information you want and need without reading a lot of material that is not relevant to your personal interests can be overwhelming. The approach taken here is to give broad, basic information and, after you have this information, to present many other sources of information that you can explore. It is important to understand that the process of deciding whether a career in psychology is appropriate for you may take many hours of reading, thinking, and talking. This is best accomplished as an on-going task over several weeks or months.

We have organized the information by availability as shown below.

Material Available for Reading

Resources Available at GSU

  • Video tapes: The following tapes are available for viewing in the library Media Center (7th floor of Library South)
  • Career Encounters--Psychology. (APA film, 27 minutes)
  • Careers in Psychology--Your Options are Open (APA film, 8 minutes)
  • Psychology: Scientific Problem Solvers. Careers for the 21st Century. (1996 APA film, 14 minutes)
  • Career Paths in Psychology. Produced by the Department of Psychology, Arizona State University, 1996
  • Reference librarian, located on the main floor of Library South, assists in finding resources on careers
  • Georgia State University Career Development Center provides assistance in deciding on a career. They have a web page for Career and Job Search Services.

Material to be Ordered or Found in the Library

NOTE: To order American Psychological Association (APA) materials, call the APA order department at 1-800-374-2721 or at the APA web site. Most of these are concerned with graduate training in psychology.

  • American Psychological Association (1986). Careers in psychology. Washington, DC. A free copy may be obtained by writing APA Publications Office, 750 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242.
  • American Psychological Association (1994). Getting in: A step-be-step plan for gaining admission to graduate school in psychology. Washington, DC.
  • American Psychological Association (Revised biannually). Graduate study in psychology and associated fields. Washington, DC.
  • Keith-Speigel, P. (1991). The complete guide to graduate school admission: Psychology and related fields. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Earlbaum Associates.
  • Sayette, M. & Mayne, T. (1992). Insider's guide to graduate programs in clinical psychology. New York: The Guilford Press.
  • Poe, R.E. (1990). Psychology career material: Selected resources. Teaching of Psychology. 17, 175-178.
  • Psychology: Scientific Problem Solvers. Careers for the 21st Century. APA booklet to accompany video by the same name.
  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc. (1992). Graduate training programs in industrial/organizational psychology and related fields. Arlington Heights, IL.
  • Society of Behavioral Medicine (1988). Directory of training opportunities in behavioral medicine. Knoxville, TN.
  • APS Observer, November 1995. Careers. Psychology careers outside the academic realm; APS members describe employment strategies, experiences, and satisfaction with non-traditional career choices.

Information Available at Other Web Sites