Program Description

Clinical psychology is a science of behavior for the promotion of human betterment and relief of suffering. Nationally, clinical psychology has grown since World War II to award the largest portion of doctorates in psychology and to become the largest division within the American Psychological Association. Widespread public acceptance has resulted in far-ranging utilization of psychologists and increasing specialization of practitioners. Thus, clinical psychologists are engaged in a wide variety of professional activities.

The Clinical Psychology Program at Georgia State is designed to educate students for contemporary and innovative careers in research, clinical practice, and/or teaching. Our program uses the scientist-practitioner model of clinical training. This model combines the researcher’s empirical orientation and methodological approach with the clinician’s interest in understanding and remediating the problems in living experienced by individuals. Ultimately, our goal is to train students to be clinical psychologists who take an evidence-based approach in their research, clinical work, and other professional endeavors.

  • APA-Accredited since 1974
  • 14 Full-time Clinical faculty
  • Firm commitment to a Scientist-Practitioner model of training
  • Dual training programs in Clinical-Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience  and Community-Clinical 
  • Extensive departmental collaborations (across Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience, Community, Developmental, Cognitive Sciences programs)
  • Clinical and research training opportunities with adults, adolescents, and children
  • Specialty clinical training facilities (The Psychology Training Clinic for Research, Therapy and Assessment, The Regents Center for Learning Disorders, and 35 off-campus practicum sites)
  • Multiple theoretical orientations (cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, mindfulness-based, neuropsychological)
  • Strong commitment to diversity, with many opportunities for multicultural research and clinical activities
  • Competitive graduate student funding
  • New, modern facilities (psychology clinic, research labs, faculty offices, graduate student labs and lounges, fMRI)
  • Located in the heart of a thriving, metropolitan city