Becoming a Major

Students wishing to major in psychology must be first advised by the Office of Academic Assistance where they will receive a PACE form for the psychology major and will receive academic advisement. The Office of Academic Assistance has primary responsibility for all curriculum areas not directly related to the major, that is, all areas other than courses appropriate to the major (Area F) and major requirements (Area G).

The Department of Psychology offers advisement through its faculty, advisors, and the undergraduate web site. The web site contains information on both academic advisement and career advisement including information regarding the problems and implications of transition to the semester system. In addition, questions may be sent to the Advisor and to the Undergraduate Advisement Coordinator via e-mail through the web site. These questions are answered promptly. Frequently the web site is the fastest way to get an answer to a question.

Appointments with an advisor may be made in person in the Psychology office (Urban Life Bldg, 11th floor) or by phone. Advisors are also available by appointment and on a walk-in basis (subject to availability). During the semester, weekly times are scheduled where students may go to the Psychology Advisement Office (Urban Life Bldg, 11th floor) and receive assistance from an advisor on accessing the career information available through the World Wide Web using the computers in the laboratory.

Faculty members are available for advisement through individual appointments and during their office hours. All faculty have at least two scheduled office hours weekly during the semester. Detailed questions on academic requirements should be answered by the Office of Academic Assistance or a Psychology advisor. Faculty members are available for advisement about career opportunities and career preparation in their area of specialization. If needed, the advisor can assist in selecting a faculty member knowledgeable in the individual student's area of interest.

PSYCHOLOGY ADVISORS DO NOT GIVE EXEMPTIONS TO ANY REQUIREMENT. All students are required to satisfy the academic requirements of the university, college and department, INCLUDING PREREQUISITES. If a student believes that an advisor has given an exemption to some rule or policy then the student should ask for clarification.

It is important for the student to realize that we offer advice. The student must fully understand the degree requirements and the implications of different career paths in order to make the best decisions. Only the student can make the best decisions for her or his life. The general catalog states, "It is the responsibility of the student to know and to satisfy the degree requirements of his or her academic program." Advisement by the departmental advisor will assist your planning. We are most knowledgeable about Area F (courses appropriate to the major), Area G (major requirements), and the minor section of Area H. The other core areas are the primary responsibility of the Arts & Sciences Office of Academic Assistance in 724 General Classroom Building.

Problems with the advisement system should be addressed to the Undergraduate Advisement Coordinator.