General Information

Missed Appointments

Students who miss their advisement appointment may not schedule another regular advisement appointment that semester. They may receive advisement by attending the walk-in advisement period.


Students seeking re-entry must first contact the Registrar's Office. After gaining re-entry, if the student was not a Psychology major previously, he or she will be placed in the College of Arts & Sciences as an undeclared major. If a student wishes to change his or her major to Psychology, the student must see a Psychology Department advisor before initiating a change of major with the Office of Academic Assistance. If the student was a Psychology major previously, the Registrar's Office will place the student in the College of Arts & Sciences as a Psychology Major.

Change of Major/Minor

Students should go to the Office of Academic Assistance for the college in which they are currently enrolled and fill out a "change of major" form. To declare a major or minor in psychology the student should go to the Office of Academic Assistance for Arts and Sciences, 418 General Classroom Bldg. Students should then make an appointment with the Psychology Advisement Office by calling (404) 413-6200. The student should bring both the Change of Major form, as well as a Academic Evaluation form to that appointment. An advisor will then review the Academic Evaluation form and approve the change.

Course Transfer Petitions

The course number assigned indicates the classification of courses: 1000 level is freshman, 2000 is sophomore, 3000 is junior, and 4000 is senior level. Upon entry to GSU the Academic Assistance office, using criteria established by the University/College/Department, evaluates all transferred courses. Occasionally, when Academic Assistance denies equivalence, the student appeals to the department. The student has the responsibility of making the case for the requested conversion. The course transferred must be equivalent to or exceed the GSU course claimed as an equivalent. Students must attach a syllabus, course description and any relevant documents with the appeals form. A catalog description alone will not be sufficient in lieu of a syllabus.

Graduation Audit

Students must apply for graduation THREE (3) semesters prior to the planned completion of their degree requirements. An application can be obtained through the Office of Academic Assistance, 418 General Classroom Building or from the Graduation Office in 255 Sparks Hall. A graduation audit will be sent to the student indicating the remaining requirements. The student will then need to set up an appointment with the psychology advisor by calling (404) 413-6200. The advisor reviews and signs the Academic Evaluation form during the advisement session. The student has the responsibility for returning it to the Office of Academic Assistance promptly. The student must meet with the advisor and CANNOT simply leave the audit to be signed. The advisor IS NOT responsible for sending the audit to Academic Assistance.

Academic Evaluation Forms

The Academic Evaluation form is used to determine both what classes the student has taken as well as the classes that are remaining to be taken. Both academic assistance as well as the psychology advisement office can review Academic Evaluation forms for students.

Students need 120 hours overall to graduate. To determine how many hours you currently have, look at the bottom right of the Academic Evaluation form at HRS APPLIED TO PROGRAM. This number will not include credits you are currently taking.

Students must have 39 hours at the 3000-4000 level course work at GSU in order to meet the residency requirement and graduate. Generally, this means students must take an additional 3 classes at the upper level in addition to the required psychology classes. The Academic Evaluation form contains a section which indicates how many courses a student has or will need to fulfill the residency requirement.

Though a minor is not required to complete a degree, getting a minor generally fulfills the requirements to meet residency.

The asterisk (*) symbol on the Academic Evaluation indicates that the requirements for that area are partially completed.

The attached time line will assist you in determining which courses to take and when.