Core Requirements

Area A: Essential Skills (9 hours) 

    1. English: English 1101 and 1102 (See 2001-2002 Catalog Page 60 for additional information)
    2. Math: Select 1 of the following math courses: Math 1101,1111,1220,1113,2211,2212,2215,2420
      (NOTE: Math is a prerequisite for Psyc 3010) (See 2001-2002 Catalog, Page 60 for additional

Area B: Institutional Options (4 hours)

    1. Select 2 of the following: Phil 2410, Spch 1000, Pers 2001, Pers 2002 (See 2001-2002 Catalog Page 61 for additional information)
    2. Additional information is also available at

Area C: Humanities (6 hours)

    1. In this area there are 3 groups of classes. You are required to take a total of 2 classes that must be from different groups.
    2. The three groups are: Humanities, Fine Arts and Foreign Language (See 2001-2002 Catalog Page 60 for additional information)

Area D: Science Mathematics and Technology (11 hours)

    1. You must take a science sequence consisting of 2 courses from one of the listed science Departments. (See 2001-2002 Catalog, Page 62 for a listing of courses.)
    2. Take an additional science from the courses listed.

Area E: Social Sciences (12 hours)

    1. You must take Hist 2110 and Pols 1101 in Section 1 or Area E (6)
    2. Select a total of 2 additional courses, 1 from Section 2 of Area E (World History and Politics) and Section 3 of Area E (Social Science Foundations) (6) (Psyc 1101 will not count in Area E for Psychology majors.)

Area F: Preparation for a Major (18) This Section is addressed under Part III-Psychology Program Requirements

Specific Requirements for BA and BS degrees

    • B.A. Degree: Students must take FL 1002 (students beginning a new language must also take FL 101) and two additional courses from courses in Core Curriculum Area E, Social Sciences.
    • B.S. Degree: Students must take three courses from the courses listed below. We strongly recommend a two course lab sequence in one of the following: Principles of Biology, Introduction to Chemistry or Introduction to Physics.
      Anth 2020, Biol 1110, 1120, 1410, 1420, 2240, 2250, Chem 1210, 1220
      Math 1111, 1113, 1220, 2211, 2212, 2215, 2420, Phil 1010 Phys 1111, 1112, 2211, 2212, Soci 1101

*Note: requirements are significantly different for pre-medicine majors. If you have any questions please contact your psychology advisor.