The following faculty identify their research as diversity-related:

  • Page Anderson– Culturally relevant treatment for social anxiety
  • Lisa Armistead – HIV in African and African-American families
  • Nicole Caporino – Addressing racial/ethnic disparities in mental health service utilization among children and adolescents.
  • Lindsey Cohen - Cultural differences in parent-child interactions
  • Heather Kleider – Stereotyping and face identification error
  • Tricia King - Stigma/discrimination experienced by those with neurological conditions
  • Kelly Lewis – Empowerment implementation research with under-represented groups
  • Gabriel Kuperminc – Culture/ethnicity in resilience development among adolescents
  • Akihiko Masuda - Mental-health stigma; Cross-cultural studies of mental health beliefs
  • Dominic Parrott - Aggression towards sexual minorities
  • Julia Perilla – Domestic violence and resilience in Latino families
  • John Peterson – HIV sexual risk; aggression towards sexual minorities
  • Rose Sevcik - Interventions for developmental and learning disabilities
  • Ciara Smalls - African American youth, racial socialization, racial identity  
  • Erin Tone - Impact of sex/race/ethnicity on attention in social anxiety

Graduate Students

Recent masters theses and dissertations examining understudied/disenfranchised populations, or from a diversity perspective:

Clinical Program


  • Exploring Racial Predictors of Social Analysis in Young African American Students
  • Building Positive Future Orientations: The Role of Natural Mentors in the Lives of African American Girls
  • "Cool" Girls and "Hot" Boys--Impact of Cultural Construction of Gender on Punishment of Children in Vietnam
  • Strong Black Women: A Scale Revision and Validation
  • The Effects of Exposure to Media Portrayals of Gambling on Gambling Attitudes and Behaviors
  • The End of a Legacy: Intergenerational Transmission of Domestic Violence in Latino families
  • Mediational Effects of Perceived Child Control and Parental Coping Assistance on Peer Problem Outcomes in Families of Children with Developmental Disabilities
  • Implications of Filial Responsibility on Latino Adolescents' Psychological and Social Adjustment


  • The Mediating Effect of Trauma, Caretaker Attachment and Community Support on Outcomes in Homeless Children
  •  Fear of Confirming Stereotypes in African Americans with Social Anxiety
  •  The Meaning of Healing from the Torture Survivors Perspective
  • Rapid Automatized Naming and Eye Movements: A Comparison Between Adults with Reading Disabilities and Normal Adult Readers
  • Adaptive Functioning Following Pediatric Traumatic Injury
Community Program


  • The Effects of Gender and Fidelity on Outcomes in the Expect Respect Program
  •  The Impact of Social Context on Drug Use and Recovery Among Drug Court Participants: A Gender Comparison
  •  Violence Outside to Violence Within: An Exploratory Analysis of Violence in Schools and Sexual Minority Intimate Partner Violence
  •  Normative Violence?  The Impact of Gender-Neutral Language on Self-Reported Rates of Sexual Violence Victimization and Perpetration
  • Mechanisms Through Which Supportive Adult Relationships and Future Orientation Contribute To Resilient Outcomes In Low-Income African-American Adolescents


  • The Re-victimization Relation in Disenfranchised Populations: Does Homelessness Moderate?
    Sociopolitical Awareness and Perceptions of Racism
Developmental Program


  • Measuring Self-concept in Children with Intellectual Disability in a Reading Program


  • Predicting Communication Development in Toddlers With Developmental Disabilities: The Role of Initiations, Success, Effectiveness and Intervention Strategy
  • Examining Parental Stress and Parental Perceptions of Children's Communication Development Following Language Intervention
  • Disentangling Pathways of Adolescent Sexual Risk from Problem Behavior Syndrome
  • Fluency in Children with Identified Reading Disabilities: Connections Between Non-reading Based Motor Fluency and Reading Fluency
  • Auditory Processing in Children with Speech and Language Impairments
Cognitive Sciences


  • The Impact of Religious Fundamentalism, Christian Orthodoxy, and Right-Wing Authoritarianism on Explicit and Implicit Prejudice

Undergraduate Students

The Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference sponsors an award for best poster for diversity-related work.



  • Alice Barrett; faculty sponsor, Dr. Scott Weaver
    Racial harmony and English proficiency as predictors of academic motivation and math achievement


  • Leon Silvers; faculty sponsor, Dr. Julia Perilla
    The association between anti-gay experiences and smoking among gay men


  • Candice Beaver; faculty sponsor, Dr. Page Anderson
    Rate of attrition and race in a treatment outcome study for social anxiety