Administrative and Service Roles


Department Chair

Christopher Henrich

Associate Chair

Erin Tone

Director of Graduate Studies

Lindsey Cohen

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Chris Goode

Director of Clinical Training

Dominic Parrott

Associate Director of Clinical Training

Robert Latzman

Chair of the Diversity Committee

Aki Masuda

Program Chairs

Dominic Parrott (Clinical)
Gabriel Kuperminc (Community)
Heather Kleider (Cognitive Sciences)
Rose Sevcik (Developmental)
Jessica Turner (Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience)

Clinic Liaison

Erin Tone

University Senators

Lindsey Cohen
Sarah Cook
Kim Darnell
Rose Sevcik
David Washbsurn

Honors Coordinator

Page Anderson

Library Liaisons

Ida Martinez

Executive Committee

Chris Henrich (ex officio)
Erin Tone (ex officio)
Erin Tully (CLN)
Kevin Swartout (COM)
Sarah Brosnan (CGS)
Rose Sevcik (DEV)
David Washburn (NBN)
Seyda Özçalışkan (at large)
Chris Conway (at large)