B.A. in Psychology and B.S. in Psychology

Requirements for a B.A. Degree

Students must take a foreign language and six additional hours from courses in Area E. (See “Foreign Language Requirement for B.A. and B.I.S. Majors," previously described.)

Requirements for a B.S. Degree

Students must take nine semester hours from the courses listed below. We strongly recommend a two-course laboratory sequence in Principles of Biology, Introduction to Chemistry, or Introduction to Physics.

Anth 2020, Biol 1103K, Biol 1104K, Biol 1110, Biol 1120, Biol 2107K, Biol 2108K, Biol 2240, Biol 2250, Chem 1211K, Chem 1212K, Math 1111, Math 1113, Math 1220, Math 2211, Math 2212, Math 2215, Math 2420, Phil 2010, Phys 1111K, Phys 1112K, Phys 2211K, Phys 2212K, Soci 1101