Class Attendance

The resources of the university are provided for the intellectual growth and development of its students; it is expected that students should attend class regularly. The Department of Veterans Affairs requires that institutions of higher learning immediately report to them when a student discontinues attendance. Georgia State University institutional policy requires that professors report the absence of a veteran student as soon as it is known that the student will not be returning to class. Generally, this should be reported after one week of absences and no later than two weeks of nonattendance by a student. All matters related to student absences, including the making up of work missed, are to be arranged between the student and the professor. All professors will, at the beginning of each semester, make a clear statement in the course syllabus to each of their classes, describing their policies for handling absences. Professors will also be responsible for counseling with their students regarding the academic consequences of absences from their classes or laboratories. Students are obligated to adhere to the requirements of each course and of each professor. Students must be present for announced quizzes, laboratory periods, or final examinations unless the reasons for the absence are acceptable to the professors concerned. A student who is absent because of participation in activities approved by the Provost’s Office will be permitted to make up work missed during his or her absence, provided that the student misses no more than 15 percent of class hours per course per semester. If requested, the appropriate university official will provide a memo stating the official nature of the university business in advance of the activity.