The Writing Center

Welcome to the Psychology Department Writing Center Website

The writing center’s purpose is to help you learn how to recognize and fix weaknesses in your writing.  Please note that the writing tutor will not be re-writing your paper for you.  All appointments for the writing center must be scheduled at  Log in with your student ID number (your password is also your student ID number).  Please click here for more detailed instructions

When you come to the writing center please bring hard copies of

  • the assignment instructions (e.g., sections of the syllabus, written assignment instructions, rubric, etc.)
  • anything you cite
  • your writing (what you want help with)

What to Expect from an Appointment

The writing tutor will

  • briefly explain how the session will work
  • ask you to explain the assignment in your own words
  • consult with you to identify an appropriate section to discuss
  • through discussion with you, identify the parts of the assignment instructions that apply to that section
  • go through the section identifying strengths and weaknesses

See the links below for helpful information on improving your writing.