Ordinarily it is not possible to take graduate courses without being enrolled in a degree program. There are two exceptions:

  1. Students who are enrolled in a degree program elsewhere may wish to take a course at GSU, in which case they would apply for transient status. Or,
  2. Persons who already have a PhD may wish to take a course at GSU that relates to the academic or professional backgrounds, in which case they would apply for nondegree status.

Either is possible, as the Graduate Bulletin says, "at the option of the department concerned and when adequate facilities are available." First, obtain written permission from the instructor of the course or courses you wish to take and from the Director of Graduate Studies, Lindsey Cohen (; 404-413-6263). Second, complete the College of Arts and Sciences Online Application for Graduate Studies and pay the $50.00 processing fee (see How To Apply). Third, download and complete the Department of Psychology Nondegree/Transient Status Form. Submit these items, along with two official transcripts from each school attended, to the Office of Graduate Studies. The deadlines are August 1 for fall semester, December 1 for spring semester, and June 1 for summer semester.

The Department of Psychology has the following policy regarding nondegree student applicants: Students may take no more than 6 semester hours of graduate level coursework in the nondegree status without petitioning the department for an exception. Students enrolled with the nondegree status in a psychology graduate course may not at the same time be applicants to a graduate degree program in the department. They also may not apply for admission to a graduate degree program in the department for one year following the semester in which the last graduate course was taken.

Note: Students interested in taking undergraduate, but not graduate, courses should apply through the GSU Admissions Office for post-baccalaureate status.