Psychology approved for two new Second Century Initiative (2CI) cluster hires

3/8/2012 – David Washburn

The Psychology Department was successful again this year in securing university commitments for faculty recruitment through the Second Century Initiative (2CI) process.  Departmental researchers teamed with colleagues in Philosophy (as lead unit), Neuroscience, and Law to submit a proposal for cluster hiring in Neuroethics. The three scholars who will be recruited though this search will include a researcher who studies the neuropsychological processes of moral cognition and behavior.

The department was also a partner with Educational Psychology and Special Education and the Georgia Tech College of Computing in a successful proposal titled Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Achievement for Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Three faculty members will be recruited, across departments, with established research programs in language and literacy interventions with children who have compromised hearing.

As is true with the earlier 2CI proposal that were awarded to Psychology, each of these initiatives will also be accompanied by funds for new University Doctoral Fellowships, allowing faculty to recruit and to support outstanding graduate students in these research areas.

Click here for the full story by University Relations on the third round of 2CI awards.