UPC and DC initiate the Psychology Pipeline Project

4/4/2013 – David A. Washburn

Psychology Pipeline Project Psychology Pipeline Project


In a joint venture of the Diversity Committee and Undergraduate Program Committee, the Department of Psychology is launching efforts to...

          - identify psychology majors who are considering graduate study after earning their bachelor's degrees,

          - mentor these students with respect to opportunities and resources that will enhance graduate-school preparedness,

          - track the success of these students, both while they are "in the pipeline" and once they begin graduate training

Because success in doctoral study--including success in the critical step of gaining admittance into graduate school--requires preparation, the Pipeline Project is attempting to identify students who may pursue a PhD in psychology, and to assist those students throughout and beyond their time at Georgia State. We are actively recruiting students from groups that are under-represented in the discipline (e.g., racial/ethnic minorities, first-generation students), but every psychology major who hopes to obtain a doctoral degree In psychology is encouraged to join the Pipeline Project.


As an initial step, the Pipeline Project team invites psychology majors to complete a brief survey about post-baccalaureate plans and preparation. Students can access the survey at

(Note: If clicking this link does not work, please copy and paste the URL into your browser.)

Activities associated with the Psychology Pipeline Project will be coordinated through the UPC and DC, and will partner with the Department's many other outstanding programs (e.g., Psi Chi, the practicum programs, study abroad, the tutoring centers, peer advising, the Careers course, PURC, GSURC) designed to enhance undergraduate instruction, retention, progression, and graduation.