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Psychological Evaluation Process

What can you expect from our psychological assessment process?

Begin By Calling Us

If you are interested in scheduling an evaluation or in learning more about our testing and evaluation services, please call at 404-413-6229 and request to speak with an assessment counselor.

Initial Telephone Contact and Application Process

An assessment counselor will return your call usually by the next business day. He/she will discuss your needs and determine whether we can provide the evaluation you need. If we are unable to meet your current need, referral assistance will be provided. Following the initial telephone call, a completed application, previous records and a nonrefundable deposit is required. Once the application, all records, and deposit are received, your evaluation will be scheduled. Due to the volume of requests for assessments, appointments are generally scheduled 2-3 months in advance.

Testing Sessions and Schedule

An evaluation typically begins with an interview and involves 2-4 appointments of a few hours each. The balance of the assessment is due at the first appointment. Youth are generally scheduled in the morning hours (an excuse for missing school can be provided). Appointment length is determined based on age and functioning of the client. Adults sometimes can complete the testing in 2 appointments. The complete process is typically completed 6-8 weeks from the initial interview session.

In addition to an interview, the evaluation includes various tests, including, but not limited to achievement, intellectual, processing, neuropsychological, behavioral and emotional testing. Tests are chosen based on the specific nature of the presenting questions or referral concerns. Evaluations include information from various sources, including family members and school personnel. School records and previous treatment records also are an important part of an evaluation.

Your Clinician

Assessments are conducted by graduate students who are supervised by a licensed psychologist. The supervising psychologist closely reviews all steps of the assessment.

Your Testing Results

At the end of the assessment process, a final session is held to provide results and recommendations. Additionally, a written report will be provided within approximately 3 weeks of the final assessment session. Findings can be discussed with the family, school, and treatment providers in effort to facilitate the most appropriate treatment or intervention only with written consent.