Lindsey Cohen

Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1998
Director of Graduate Studies
Member, Clinical Psychology Program
1102 Urban Life

Research and Clinical Interests

My grant-funded research program is in pediatric psychology, which involves the interplay between clinical child psychology and pediatric medicine. A long-standing area of interest in the lab is the assessment and treatment of children’s acute medical pain (e.g., injections, bone fracture casting). In addition, we are examining children’s chronic pain, with a particular interest in evaluating mindfulness and acceptance-based treatments to help adolescents live vital lives with pain.

Graduate student-led projects in the lab span a range of child health issues including yoga for pediatric arthritis, the influence of the political climate on the medical adherence of Latino youth with diabetes, the interplay of anxiety and neuropsychological functioning in children with sickle cell disease, parent-child interactions during recovery from surgery, and the behavior of Latino families during immunization injections.

In concert with my research interests, my clinical interests involve children with medical issues. For example, through a Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) training grant, I supervise graduate students who are funded to work with children with medical conditions (e.g., cancer, sickle cell) at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta children’s hospitals. In the department clinic, I supervise students assessing and treating children, adolescents, and families presenting with a range of issues. I also treat a small number of clients in my off-campus private practice. Paralleling my approach to research, I examine and often target for treatment the larger environment (e.g., home, school, community) within which the client resides. My research and clinical work is grounded in an evidence-based practice approach and my behavioral orientation.

Selected Recent Publications (*indicates student co-author)

Cohen, L. L., *Feinstein, A., Masuda, A., & Vowles, K. E. (in press). Single-case research design in pediatric psychology: Considerations regarding data analysis. Journal of Pediatric Psychology.

*Martin, S. R., Chorney, J., Cohen, L. L. & Kain, Z. (in press). Sequential analysis of mothers’ and fathers’ reassurance and children’s postoperative distress. Journal of Pediatric Psychology.

Cohen, L. L., *Cobb, J., & *Martin, S. R. (in press). Gender biases in adult ratings of pediatric pain. Children’s Health Care. 
*Lim, C. S., *Welkom, J., Cohen, L. L., & Osunkwo, I. (2012). The protective role of racial identity in children with sickle cell disease. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 37, 832-842.

*Bearden, D. B., *Feinstein, A. B., & Cohen, L. L. (2012). The influence of parent pre-procedural anxiety on child procedural pain: Mediation by child procedural anxiety. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 37, 680-686.

Baxter, A. L., Cohen, L. L., Lawson, M. L., & von Baeyer, C. L. (2011). An integration of vibration and cold relieves venipuncture pain in a pediatric emergency department. Pediatric Emergency Care, 27, 1151-1156.

Masuda, A., Cohen, L. L., Wicksell, R., Kemani, M. K., & Johnson, A. (2011). Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for pediatric sickle cell disease: A case study. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 36, 398-408.

Cohen, L. L., Vowles, K. E., & Eccleston, C. (2010). Parenting an adolescent with chronic pain: An investigation of how a taxonomy of adolescent functioning relates to parent distress. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 35, 748-757.

Cohen, L. L., Vowles, K. E., & Eccleston, C. (2010). The impact of adolescent chronic pain on functioning: Disentangling the complex role of anxiety. Journal of Pain, 11, 1039-1046.

Selected Recent Grants

  •  Improving psychological preparation of children and their parents prior to radiation therapy: A child life study (11/2012-3/2014).
    Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Dudley L. Moore Nursing & Allied Health Research Fund; Co-Investigator [McCarthy, MD, PI]
  • Study of psychosocial therapy enhanced by texting for adolescents with sickle cell disease (iACT trial) (7/2012-6/2013).
    Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Friends Research Fund Grant; Co-Investigator [Brown, MD, PI]
  • Enhancing training of graduate students to work with disadvantaged populations: A pediatric psychology specialization (9/2010-6/2014)
    Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA) D40HP19643; Principal Investigator
  • A virtual reality biofeedback computer game for pediatric pain relief (9/2009-9/2013)
    National Institutes of Health, 1 R21 RR024412-01 A1; Principal Investigator
  • An evaluation of the effectiveness of mindfulness for pediatric sickle cell pain and functioning (6/2009-6/2011); International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) Research Grant funded by ScanDesign by the Inger & Jens Bruun Foundation; Principal Investigator
  • Relieving pediatric immunization pain using a reusable personal device (7/2007-8/2011)
    National Institutes of Health, 1 R44 H D056647-02; Consortium Principal Investigator/Project Co-Investigator [Baxter, MD, PI]
  • Psychosocial functioning in caregivers of children with sickle cell disease (2009-2011)
    National Institutes of Health, 1 F31 ML094120-01; Sponsor/Mentor [Welkom (doctoral student mentee) PI]
  • An innovative assessment of adult influence on children’s postoperative pain (2008-2010)
    National Institutes of Health, R21 H D057011-01; Co-Investigator [MacLaren, PhD, PI]
  • Adherence in adolescents with HIV: The impact of body dissatisfaction (2008-2009)
    National Institutes of Health, 1 F31 MH083584-01; Sponsor/Mentor [Woods (doctoral student mentee) PI]
  • Child and adult behavioral interactions and perioperative outcomes (2007-2010)
    Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research; Sponsor/Mentor [Sadhasivam, MD, PI]
  • Psychosocial functioning in pediatric sickle cell disease (2007-2010)
    National Institutes of Health, 1 F31 HL091728-01; Sponsor/Mentor [Lim (doctoral student mentee) PI]
  • Randomized controlled trials of cold and vibration for pediatric pain relief (2007-2010)
    The Mayday Fund; Co-Investigator [Baxter, MD, PI]
  • Automated training in pediatric pain management (2005-2009)
    National Institutes of Health, 1 R21 HD047263-01 A1; Principal Investigator

Graduate Student Theses and Dissertations (chaired)

Doctoral Dissertations

  • Alvina Rosales (in progress), Latino youth with diabetes: A mixed methods examination of adherence and metabolic control within the context of sociopolitical and policy challenges
  • Amanda Feinstein (in progress), Yoga intervention for adolescent females with polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis
    Don Bearden (in progress), The impact of pain on executive functioning via anxiety in youths with sickle cell disease without a history of stroke
  • Naomi Joffe (2012), Temperament as a predictor of infant immunization distress and response to treatment
    Josie Welkom (2011), The impact of sickle cell disease on the family: An examination of the illness intrusiveness framework
  • Jean Cobb (2010), Child and parent readiness to change in a clinical sample of obese youth
  • Amanda Woods (2009), Adherence in adolescents with HIV: The impact of body dissatisfaction
  • Crystal Lim (2008), Pain, coping, and quality of life in pediatric sickle cell disease
  • Christina Vlahou (2006), Predictors of treatment adherence in children with inflammatory bowel disease: The role of body image and prospective memory in medication and diet behavior
  • Jill E. MacLaren (2006), Training nursing students in evidence-based nonpharmacological pain management techniques
  • Rebecca Bernard (2003), Use of a token economy to increase exercise in children with cystic fibrosis
  • Catherine McClellan (2003), Evaluation of time out to manage children’s noncompliance with cystic fibrosis treatment

Master’s Theses

  • Laura Cousins (in progress), The application of a risk-resiliency model in pediatric chronic pain
  • Effie Mougianis (2013), Parent-child behavioral interactions during pediatric immunizations in a Latino sample
  • Sarah Martin (2012), A sequential analysis of parent reassurance and child postoperative distress
  • Don Bearden (2008), Impact of training on parent knowledge and behavior during child immunizations
  • Josie Welkom (2007), Evaluation of predictors of psychosocial functioning in parents of children and adolescents with sickle cell disease
  • Naomi Kahn (2006), Evaluation of a body pillow to aid pediatric spinal fusion recovery
  • Jean Mennuti-Washburn (2006), Gate Control Theory and its application in a physical intervention to reduce children’s pain during immunization injections
  • Crystal Lim (2006), Comparison of high and low distraction for pediatric procedural pain
  • Jill E. MacLaren (2002), A comparison of distraction strategies for venipuncture in young children
  • Rebecca Bernard (2001), Parent distress, parent behavior, and infant distress during pediatric immunizations
  • Catherine McClellan (2001), Parent-infant interactions during acute painful procedures