The Doctoral Program in Developmental Psychology is relatively small and offers personalized training for its students. The program trains scholars in the methods and the science of  normative as well as atypical paths of development from infancy through adolescence. The curriculum is designed individually by the student in conjunction with faculty advisors.

Our collective goal is to prepare doctoral level scientists  to serve as faculty in university and other research or applied settings and to prepare professionals who will advance the science and practice within developmental psychology.

Areas of particular concentration include: typical and atypical development of communication and language and issues surrounding school achievement and policy.  Both basic and applied foci are reflected across research laboratories. Genetic, neuropsychological, perceptual, cognitive, communicative, linguistic, methodological, social context , and policy concerns are represented  in the coursework and research programs.  Understanding development within diverse populations is central to our research and training.

Program Faculty

Lauren Adamson
Lee Branum-Martin
Christopher Conway
Gwen Frishkoff
Christopher Henrich
Gabriel Kuperminc
Seyda Ozcaliskan
MaryAnn Romski (joint appointment)
Rose A. Sevcik (Program Chair)
Julie Washington (joint appointment)
Rebecca Williamson

Interdisciplinary Initiatives

Area of Focus Initiative:  Research on the Challenges of Acquiring Language & Literacy
Center for Atypical Development and Learning
Center for Research on School Safety
Partnership for Urban Health Research