Welcome to Psychology

Some things are common across nationally competitive departments of psychology at many universities: They seek excellence in research, teaching, and service. They are located in research-extensive universities that foster interdisciplinary science and training. Their clinical program is APA approved. They serve important roles within the community and in the institution's strategic plans. All of this is true for the Department of Psychology at Georgia State University. Yet if you are reading here, you probably want to know, not what makes our department like others but what makes it different. Please continue to browse these pages as we provide details about our faculty and as we provide a variety of unique aspects about our department.

Psychology Department By the Numbers

  • 41 full-time regular faculty members, plus 9 joint appointees 
  • Almost $6 million in annual external grant support, to 27 different principal investigators
  • 150 peer reviewed publications in past two years, plus 24 book chapters and 1 book
  • 108 current graduate students
  • 13 PhDs in psychology conferred each year, on average
  • Over 2000 psychology majors
  • 300 students graduate each year with a BA or BS in psychology
  • Over 10,000 students per year taught in courses offered by the department