Sabrina Sidaras

Ph.D., Emory University, 2014
1134 Urban Life


 My role as a lecturer at GSU is to facilitate students to be engaged as parts of the learning process so that they can critically analyze and evaluate information in Psychology as a science, by actively searching for answers to their own questions. I place a sense a responsibility back onto the learner through motivation, encouragement, and successful strategies in scientific inquiry. I try to integrate current topics that students can relate to with the course curriculum and also try to keep up to date with technology that is used in the classroom. I believe that successful teaching adapts with the current culture of the times. Teaching requires flexibility, creativity, performance, and active involvement of the students. My teaching strengths are in Introduction to Psychobiology and Cognition, Introduction to Psychology as a Social Science, Sensation and Perception, Psychology of Gender, Psychology of Women, Cognitive Psychology, and Research Methodology and Statistics.

Although my main priority is in pedagogy, I am interested in researching variables that may be able to predict student retention rates and efficacy especially of first generation students. I am also interested in mentoring undergraduate students of differing minorities to optimize their academic experience at GSU. I am currently working with a colleague at Emory University investigating the underlying mechanism to vocal accommodation, the phenomenon in which we become more or less similar to the vocal characteristics of someone we are conversing with. More specifically, we are exploring the social variables that can influence our perception and production in of spoken utterances. I believe this has applications to how we effectively communicate and socially align with others. 

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