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What does PURC stand for?

PURC is shorthand for the Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference at Georgia State University. This conference is held each fall and is co-sponsored by the GSU Department of Psychology, and the GSU chapter of Psi Chi (the National Undergraduate Honorary Society for Psychology).

Can a faculty member or graduate student submit a proposal for PURC?

No. All PURC proposals must be submitted by an undergraduate author.

Can a faculty member or graduate student be a co-author on a proposal for PURC?

Yes, as long as an undergraduate is the first author.

If I submit a proposal, do I still need to complete the online registration form?


I’m an undergraduate student, but I’m not submitting a proposal. How do I register for PURC?

Register online at

Can I send you my registration directly?

No, all registration applications must be completed online.

Why should I register for PURC?

Registered attendees will receive the PURC booklet and breakfast.

I’m NOT an undergraduate student, but I want to attend PURC. Can I register?

Yes!  PURC is open to anyone and we welcome all attendees.

I didn’t register by the registration deadline. Can I still attend PURC?

All are welcome to attend PURC, even without registering in advance. However, food and beverages will only be provided to those who register in advance.

Is there a registration fee for PURC?

No. Registering for PURC is free!