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Abstract Submissions PURC 2014

Poster submission will be open October 13-17.  All posters will be accepted, as long as they meet the criteria below.  A complete list of accepted posters will be posted by October 27.

Form for Submission

Use the online proposal submission. Click here to submit proposal. Submitting a poster automatically registers you for PURC.

Appropriate Presenters


    • An undergraduate is the first author (faculty and graduate students can be authors, just not the first author)
    • Post-bac students working as professional lab assistants may also be first authors
    • The poster is from someone affiliated with the CBN or a psychology department. We welcome presenters from all schools and organizations, including those not affiliated with Georgia State University.

Appropriate Presentation Topics

Proposals may address any area of psychology and/or the scientific study of human development. The research may be completed or in progress.  If the research is in progress there must be data analysis of the already-collected data.

Posters that are from the same lab must make clearly distinct contributions.  The titles, and abstracts, should be easily differentiated.  If posters from the same lab are too similar, at the discretion of the PURC director, only the first poster submitted will be accepted.

Submit Proposal