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Disciplinary Standards

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What is Que? | Institutions Involved with Que | How does QUE define standards? | How does QUE use standards? | What are the advantages of standards-based education? | Objectives of QUE & Deliverables of QUE

Objectives of QUE

  • Development and use of standards for transfer from 2-year to 4-year college
  • Development and use of standards for graduation from college

Deliverables of QUE

  • Department and campus draft academic standards, performance descriptions, collections of student work, and assessments of student learning
  • Disseminate process for writing standards, performance descriptions, and assessments at the two-and four-year level of postsecondary education through the web, presentations at regional and national meetings, and published papers
  • Provide institutions with statements of greater expectations for learning for all students against which they can evaluate their curricula and assessments