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Jon Herman Page


By Tran Kaylor

The substance of Buddhist illusions can be reduced into several very clear propositions:

  • Karma & Samsara: All human life goes through an endless cycle of birth and rebirth; it is determined by the moral principle of karma.
  • The Double Norm: Almost all Buddhists occupy either the ordinary norm or the extra-ordinary norm, i.e,. laypeople or monks/nuns respectively.
  • The Three Jewels: All Buddhists acknowledge three guiding sources of inspiration: the awakened one (the Buddha), the truth that he saw and taught (the dharma), and the community of those who embody and spread his teachings (the sangha).
  • Theravada and Mahayana: The more traditional form of Buddhism, the Theravada, is found mainly in Southeast Asia countries. The “reformed” types of Buddhism, the Mahayana, are found mainly in Inner and East Asian Countries. Both types can be found in abundance in contemporary North America.
  • The Path to Enlightenment: There is not one simple path to enlightenment in any form of Buddhism, but one sure path to a better grade is to email your instructor by midnight on April 13, with the subject field (Tran Kaylor’s bonus), and you will receive an additional two points added onto your cumulative average.