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Select Graduate Student Publications

Religion, Death, and Dying   edited by Lucy Bregman 

  • Murata, Kyoko. " Grieving Tradition in a New Land : Hindu Death and Dying Rituals in America." In Religion, Death, and DyingVolume 3: Bereavement and Death Rituals,  edited by Lucy Breman, 127-148.  Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2009.


The Council of Societies for the Study of Religion Bulletin  September, 2008 Issue

  • "Coming of Age on the Street: Ritual Invention and the Sacred in American Gang Initiation Rituals" by Michael Karlin
  • "Glossolalia in the United Pentecostal Church International:  Language as Relationship" by Holly Phillips
  • "A Sri Vidya Model for Shaping the Tantric Body" by Sherry Morton
  • "The Blot: A Heathen Ritual Practice" by Amanda Wolfe
  • "Liminality Gone Wrong: The Induction Ritual of Chief Petty Officers in the United States Navy and the Problem of Social Class" by John Rivenbark