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Kathryn McClymond

Professor and Chair
Ph. D., University of California, Santa Barbara
phone: 404-413-6119
e-mail: kmcclymond(at)
Curriculum Vitae 

2009 CENCIA Grant: Kuchipudi Dance
2006 College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award
2003-04 American Academy of Religion Individual Research Grant
2003 Honors Professor Award

Dr. McClymond is an affiliate faculty member with the Middle East Institute and the Institute for Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and she is the Director of the Jewish Studies Program at Georgia State University. She currently serves on the Program Unit Committee and the Textual Studies Book Award Committee, as well as on the steering committee for the Comparative Studies of Religion Group for the American Academy of Religion.  Dr. McClymond is a member of the American Society for the Study of Religion.

Area of Interest:

Comparative History of Religions, Hinduism, Judaism, Ritual Theory

Current Project:

Ritual Gone Wrong: What We Learn from Ritual Disruption (In press with Oxford University Press)

"Great Mythologies" DVD Series, The Teaching Company (In progress)

Religious Life Stories Project.  Interview-based research project on individual construction of religious life-story narratives.  In collaboration with Dr. David Bell and Suzanne Degnats.

Religious Sounds Map Project: Digital archive of sounds associated with religious life and practice in Atlanta. In collaboration with Dr. Isaac Weiner and the Atlanta Maps Group (GSU).

Selected Publications:

Beyond Sacred Violence: A Comparative Study of Sacrifice (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008).  Georgia Writers' Association Author of the Year Award, 2009

“Violence and Sacrifice,” The Blackwell Companion to Religion and Violence, ed. Andrew R. Murphy. (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, May 2011).

“Don’t Cry Over Spilled Blood: Ritual Correction in the Mishnah” in What the Gods Demand, eds. Zsuzsa Varhelyi and Jennifer Knust. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011), 235-250.

“Negotiating Ritual Repair: The prāyaścitta Material in the Baudhāyana Śrauta Sūtra” in Negotiating Rites, ed. Ute Hüsken and Frank Neubert, Ritual Studies International Series. (Cambridge, Oxford University Press, 2011).

“Saddam’s Execution as Sacrifice” in Sacrifice Between Life and Death, ed. Walter Schweidler. (Berlin: Sankt Augustin, 2009), 247-270.

"Ritual" in Studying Hinduism: Key Concepts and Methods, eds. Sushil Mittal and Gene Thursby (Routledge, 2007)

"The Nature and Elements of Sacrifice" in Methods and Theory in the Study of Religion 15/3 (2003).

"Death Be Not Proud: Reevaluating the Role of Killing in Sacrifice", The International Journal of Hindu Studies Volume 6, Number 3 (December 2002), 221-242.