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USIP Grant Funded

The Department is delighted to announce that United States Institute of Peace (USIP) has granted an award to Abbas Barzegar and Nadia Latif through the USIP Public Education for Peacebuilding Support Initiative.  Funds will be used to support a conference here at Georgia State University in spring 2013.

While militant religious movements in the Muslim world have surfaced as a relatively recent concern for American and Western European countries, Muslim majority countries around the world have wrestled with the rise of radical religious ideologies in their countries since the 1970s. From Egypt and Saudi Arabia to South Africa and Indonesia, Islamic institutions and governments in Muslim majority countries have adopted a range of strategies to counter the rise of religious extremism employing satellite broadcasting, curriculum reform, and even terrorist rehabilitation programs. However, this sustained series of ongoing efforts has not received its due attention in US and Western European academic and policy circles.

As part of the Trans-Cultural Violence Initiative on new media technology and conflict management, this conference will advance the understanding of international peace-building and conflict resolution by bringing to public attention, ongoing efforts in the Muslim world to curb the rise of militant movements.