The Regents Centers for Learning Disorders (RCLDs) consist of professionals who are specialists in the assessment of adults and in the evaluation of disabilities that impair learning. Each RCLD has, at the minimum, the following personnel:

  • Director-- The director is responsible for overseeing the daily operation of the RCLD and for carrying out Board of Regents (BOR) policy regarding student disabilities;
  • Psychologist--The licensed psychologist oversees the evaluation process, including training, interviewing, scheduling, testing, staffing, and report writing. The psychologist ensures that the professional and ethical standards of the American Psychological Association are followed; 
  • Liaison--The liaison promotes and maintains contact between the referring institutions and each RCLD, assists in the referral and feedback process for RCLD evaluations and RCLD review of documentation of disability, assists referring institutions in the development of policies and procedures to serve students with disabilities on their campuses, and provides community outreach and education to support the mission of the RCLD; and
  • Other qualified personnel are involved directly in interviewing, testing, and writing reports for students who are evaluated at an RCLD.

RCLD at GSU Staff

Janet Patton, Ph.D., Director
Molly Larson, Ph.D., Psychologist
Lynn Mahovsky, Ph.D., Liaison/Consultant
Torri McGarrity, M.Ed., Senior Administrative Secretary
Krithian Thomas, Administrative Coordinator
Lawana Wimberly, M.A., Instructional Technologist