Students with learning disorders who are seeking testing at the RCLD should request an application packet from their Disability Services Provider (DSP). The packet contains both information about the RCLD and several questionnaires that should be filled out by the student. Questionnaires ask about current academic strengths and weaknesses, historical information (e.g., early development, school, medical and work histories), and about past and current behaviors that can affect learning (e.g., trouble paying attention, anxiety, depression). Students may need to consult parents to answer some of the questions about early childhood. The packet also contains questionnaires to be filled out by a person who currently knows the student well, to provide an independent view of the student's functioning. The student will be asked to include transcripts from their current institution and/or previous institutions, a recent hearing screening, samples of their written work, and any previous psychological or medical evaluations related to their learning difficulties.

The student should return the completed packet to the disability services representative, who will check to be sure all the necessary pieces are present but will not read the information. All information sent to a center will be kept strictly confidential. Information about the student will not be released to any person or institution without the student's written permission. The student must also give permission in writing in order to be evaluated and to allow any information about the evaluation process or results to be shared with parents (if 18 years or older). Parents may come to the evaluation feedback session with the student if the student consents to their attendance. After checking to be certain the packet is complete, the DSP will forward it to the appropriate center.