After the RCLD has received the completed application packet from the Disability Services Provider (DSP), the RCLD will contact the student to schedule an appointment. The first appointment will typically take place within a month, unless the packet is missing important referral information. If important information is missing, the RCLD will contact the DSP or the student prior to scheduling the appointment, seeking additional information. Time until the first available appointment varies at different times of the year, but typically an appointment will be scheduled within a few weeks of receipt of a completed application packet.

The typical evaluation takes approximately eight hours, usually scheduled over two days. Many students require additional time to complete the testing to fit their work speed and need for breaks, or to gather additional test data to better understand their learning difficulties. The evaluation includes a clinical interview, and a battery of educational, psychological, and cognitive tests to assess a student's intellectual ability, academic achievement in core areas, (i.e., reading, math, and written language), strengths and weaknesses in processing abilities, and socio-emotional functioning.

After the evaluation is complete, each student is scheduled for an individual feedback session at the RCLD with a licensed psychologist. The session typically lasts from one to two hours. In this session, the psychologist will review the test results, make recommendations for academic accommodations and other support services, and answer any questions. The student may bring anyone to the session.

Following the feedback, the student will receive a written report that describes all the tests that were administered and the scores obtained. This report will also document the presence of any disability that warrants academic accommodation and will list appropriate accommodations and other recommendations.  This report will not be shared with anyone else without the student's written permission. In order to receive accommodations, however, the student must provide the DSP with a copy of the evaluation report.