BOR Official Guide for Students, Parents, Teachers, School Counselors and Psychologists

The University System of Georgia created three Regents Centers for Learning Disorders (RCLDs) to help provide services to students with learning disorders, such as learning disabilities, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, acquired brain injury, psychological disorders, and related conditions. We provide specialized assessments for these students, serve as a resource in identifying appropriate accommodations to meet their educational needs, and conduct research to increase knowledge about these disorders.

This information has been designed for the purpose of providing general information about the Regents Centers for Learning Disorders. We hope the information will be helpful to you in understanding what services the RCLDs provide and how those services can be accessed.

Centers General Information

Questions 1-6:  What is the mission of the RCLDs?  Who is eligible for evaluation at an RCLD?  How are students referred?  Where are the centers located?  What is contained in a referral packet?  Will the information provided to a center be kept confidential?

Evaluations at a Center

Questions 7-13.  How much does an evaluation cost, and what forms of payment are accepted?  How long does it take to get an appointment?  How long will the evaluation take?; What does the evaluation involve?  How will the student find out the results of an evaluation?  Is it necessary to be evaluated at a center to receive accommodations?  What is the definition of a disability?

Guidelines for Documentation of Disabilities

Questions 14-16:  What are the general documentation guidelines for documenting disabilities?  What are the Board of Regents guidelines for documentation of a specific learning disorder?  What kinds of tests can be used to document a specific learning disability?


Questions 17-21:  What kinds of accommodations are available?  Who decides which accommodations will be provided to an individual student?  Must students with learning disorders meet all of the Required High School Curriculum admission requirements?  What is required for students with learning disorders, who have not completed the Required High School Curriculum foreign language requirement, to petition for admission?  (See Section  Does approval of a RHSC foreign language substitution guarantee a similar substitution for any foreign language courses that are required in the student's chosen major or program of study?

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