Revised October, 2008

Appendices to the Administration Manual
A. Regents' Testing Program Policy and Procedures
Note: a number of the procedures for the Regents' Skills Requirement changed effective Fall 2008. Click here for a summary of those changes.

Procedures not addressed in the above document may be found in the Academic Affairs Handbook (note that the AAHB is scheduled for revision and any procedures found there that conflict with the Fall 2008 procedures are no longer operational).

B. Regents' Testing Program Schedules

C. Sample Scanner Sheet

D. Sample Essay Test and Instructions for Scoring

E. Out-of-State Administration of the Regents' Test

F. Accessing Regents' Testing Program Report of Student Scores and Regents' Testing Program Monitoring Report

G. List of Test Coordinators

H. Transmittal and Administration Report Form (HTML format)
Transmittal and Administration Report Form (MS Word format)
I. Reading Test Hand-scoring Request Form

Available from the Regents' Testing Program Office
J. Permission Form for Students to be Tested at Other Institutions

K. Regents' Testing Program Test Order Form

L. Special Format Order Form (braille and audio versions)