A copy of the expense statement is provided below.

Expense statements are included in the rater packets that are provided to raters prior to scoring sessions. Raters are reimbursed according to the rules of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. Any expense reported that is above the maximum will be disallowed; a rater can be reimbursed only for the allowable maximum.

On the expense form, a rater must record:

1. Name, social security number, and institution;

2. allowable expenses (bus or train, parking, mileage) if any;

3. the license number of the car driven and the odometer readings if mileage is claimed; and

4. signature.

The reimbursement for mileage is .44 per mile.

Incomplete or inaccurate expense forms will be returned to raters for completion or correction. In particular, raters should make sure that the expense statement is signed and that the car license number and odometer readings are recorded if mileage expense is claimed. If the expense form must be returned to the rater, reimbursement will be delayed.

Completed expense statements should be returned to the Scoring Coordinator by the end of the scoring session.

A check for $110.00 and allowable expenses will be sent to the rater at the address shown on the Honorarium List circulated by the Scoring Coordinator. Address changes should be indicated on the Honorarium List.