This manual has been compiled to provide information about the scoring of essays written for the Regents' Testing Program of the University System of Georgia. The first section of the manual is provided specifically to help new raters of Regents' Test essays become familiar with the procedures that are used to rate these essays.

It is essential that all raters be thoroughly familiar with the Instructions for Scoring Regents' Testing Program Essays. These instructions include the "Description of Essay Scoring Procedure," the model essays and analyses, and the "Questions and Answers on the Rating of Regents' Test Essays." Each semester, all raters receive a copy of these instructions to review before the scoring session and to use at the scoring session.

New raters should read the Examples of Rated Essays . The sample essays and their ratings illustrate how the essay rating procedures are applied to a variety of essays. After reviewing the sample rated essays, new raters should practice by rating the essays in the Practice Essays section.

The General Description of Procedures at Scoring Centers includes additional instructions for raters and should be useful in helping new raters understand the operation of a scoring center.

Raters are paid an honorarium and are reimbursed for allowable expenses for each scoring session they attend. Rules governing the payment of expenses and instructions for completing expense statements are provided in the Instructions for Completing Expense Statements section.

The procedure for recording essay ratings on the computer-scanned rating sheets is given in the section Procedure for Recording Ratings.

Last updated: November 8, 1996