This manual has been compiled to provide information about the scoring of essays written for the Regents' Testing Program of the University System of Georgia. The first section of the manual is provided specifically to help new raters of Regents' Test essays become familiar with the procedures that are used to rate these essays.

It is essential that all raters be thoroughly familiar with the Instructions for Scoring Regents' Testing Program Essays. These instructions include the "Description of Essay Scoring Procedure," the model essays and analyses, and the "Questions and Answers on the Rating of Regents' Test Essays." You will need a paper copy of this MS Word document and you should read it carefully before continuing here. Keep it available whenever you are grading RT essays. Click this link Regents' Essay Test Practice Grading session after reading the Instructions to apply what you learned. This practice session is required but is the last step before you are qualified for "real" grading. You will be asked for a username and password to enter the session (UN=regentstesting PW=raters).

SECTION II - Miscellaneous Materials

List of Approved Essay Topics

Development of Instructions to Raters and Selection of Essay Topics

Procedures for Maintaining the Anonymity of Essay Writers

Schedule of Regents' Testing Program Activities

Regents' Testing Program Policy and Procedures
Note: a number of the procedures for the Regents' Skills Requirement changed effective Fall 2008. Click here for a summary of those changes.

Procedures not addressed in the above document may be found in the Academic Affairs Handbook .

Essay Review Process

Overview of the Regents' Writing and Reading Skills Requirement

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