University System of Georgia Regents' Writing and Reading Skills
and The Regents' Testing Program

Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia

Each institution of the University System of Georgia shall ensure that students obtaining a degree from a System institution possess certain minimum skills of reading and writing, hereinafter called Regents' Writing and Reading Skills. The Regents' Writing and Reading Skills requirement will ensure students have competence, at a minimum Systemwide level, in reading and writing.

Students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs leading to the baccalaureate degree shall pass Regents' Reading Skills and Regents' Writing Skills courses as a requirement for graduation. Students may exempt these courses through examination by passing the Regents' Reading Test and the Regents' Essay Test or an approved alternative test in reading comprehension and in writing. Students who have not passed or exempted the courses before their fourth semester of enrollment must take the Regents' Skills courses during that and each subsequent semester of enrollment (until they pass). Students enrolled in a Regents' Skills course must pass the corresponding Regents' Test in order to receive a passing grade for the course.

General Information

  • Overview

  • System Policy and Procedures

    Note: a number of the procedures for the Regents' Skills Requirement changed effective Fall 2008. Click here for a summary of those changes.

    Procedures not addressed in the above document may be found in the Academic Affairs Handbook (note that the AAHB is scheduled for revision and any procedures found there that conflict with the Fall 2008 procedures are no longer operational).

  • Reports

  • Annual Regents' Test Schedules

  • Institutional Regents' Test Coordinators

    Regents' Reading Test

  • Description of the Regents' Reading Test

  • Short Practice Test (a 30-item test that provides a score)

  • Practice Test with Instructional Feedback
    (a full-length test that provides explanations for the answers)

  • Sample Test with Item Analysis Information

    Regents' Essay Test

  • Complete List of Approved Essay Topics

  • Essay Instructions and Sample Essay Test Form

  • Essay Scoring Manual
    SECTION I - Information for New Raters
    Instructions for Scoring Regents' Testing Program Essays
    Examples of Rated Essays
    Practice Essays
    General Description of Procedures at Scoring Centers
    Miscellaneous Procedures for Raters

    SECTION II - Miscellaneous Materials

    Development of Instructions to Raters and Selection of Topics
    Procedures for Maintaining the Anonymity of Essay Writers
    Scoring Sites and Selection of Raters (MS Word)
    Sample Rater Performance Report and Summary
    Essay Review Process

  • Regents' Test Administration Manual

    Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia