University System of Georgia The Regents' Testing Program
Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia

Consult your college catalog for specific information about registering for the test, receiving your scores, and local policies for testing and remediation.

  • Overview of the Regents' Testing Program

  • Description of the Reading Test

  • Short Practice Reading Test
  • This gives you a chance to practice taking a short version of the Reading Test. Questions can be answered and scored online.
  • Practice Reading Test with Instructional Feedback
  • This is a version of the practice Reading Test which lets you know whether the responses you select are correct or not as soon as you select them. For each response, the reason the response is correct or incorrect is given. This version may be helpful to those who achieve scores that are near or below the passing score on the other versions of the Reading Test.
  • Essay Instructions and Sample Essay Test Booklet

  • Approved Essay Topics
  • This is the complete list from which topics used on the Essay Test are selected. The Essay Test requires students to choose among four topics drawn from this list.
  • Instructions for Scoring Regents' Testing Program Essays
  • These are the instructions given to Essay Test raters.