This is a practice version of the Regents' Reading Test. It is half as long as the regular reading test and is made available to give you an idea of what the test is like.

The Regents' Reading Test is a test of reading comprehension. It is designed to measure your understanding of the material that you read.

This practice version contains five passages. Following each passage is a set of questions about the passage. There are 30 questions on the test. For each question following a passage, choose the best response on the basis of the content of the passage. Do not spend too much time on any one question. If a question seems very difficult, make the most careful guess you can. Your score is the number of correct answers that you give; there is no added penalty for wrong answers.

By taking this computerized version of the test you will get an idea of how you might do on the regular test. However, since this practice test is shorter and presented under very different conditions than the regular test, your score may be significantly lower or higher.

On the regular test you are allowed 60 minutes, so give yourself 30 minutes to complete this practice test.

Click here to get started (You may need to adjust your font size if the passages and items don't fit well in the frames.)

Last updated: November 8, 1996