Out-of-state testing is available for students who live outside of Georgia and are expected to complete their degree requirements without attending classes at a location in Georgia. Students tested out-of-state must fulfill any Regents' Skills course requirements if they are enrolled in other University System courses.

The following procedure is to be followed for out-of-state testing.

  1. The student must notify the Regents' Test Coordinator of his or her plans to take the test out-of-state. The test coordinator will determine whether the student is eligible for out-of-state testing.

  2. After receiving approval from the test coordinator, the student must contact a responsible person in the testing or counseling office at a college in the vicinity where he or she wishes to be tested to arrange for a testing time.

  3. The person who will administer the test must send a letter (on letterhead) to the test coordinator indicating his or her willingness to administer the exam.

  4. The test coordinator must notify the Regents' Testing Program Office that the student is ready to take the test. Attached to the written notification should be a copy of the letter from the out-of-state person responsible for administering the test.

  5. The Regents' Testing Program Office will mail the appropriate materials and instructions for testing to the person administering the test.

  6. All tests will be scored at the regularly designated times. Scores will be reported with the next regular score report of the originating institution.

  7. If the student fails and wants to retake the test the above steps should be repeated the next semester.

    Last updated: February 25, 2002