Completion Rates on the Regents Skill Requirement for Sophomores Reaching 45 Hours
2002-03 through 2008-2009

This table presents the percentages of students who completed the Regents' Skill Requirement before earning 45 credit hours. Results are reported separately for reading, essay, and the total test. Completion rates are reported by institution for students who reached the 45 credit-hour level during a reporting year and who had attended the institution at least two semesters before attaining 45 college-level credit hours. Included in an institution's results are students who completed both parts of the requirement at the institution but transferred and attained 45 hours at another System institution during the reporting period. (These students are not included in the results for the institution to which they transferred after completing the requirement.)

The base cohort includes only those students seeking a transfer associate or a baccalaureate degree at the reporting institution. Students who had previously earned a baccalaureate or higher degree are not included because they are not subject to the requirement. Students are not included in the cohort if they are designated on the student record system as either non-native speakers of English who have had or will have an alternative local assessment or students with visual, hearing or motor impairment who have had or will have an alternative local assessment.

A student is counted as having completed the requirement if either the Regents' Testing Program records or the system data base records indicate that the student fulfilled the requirements.

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  • Percentage of Students Completing the Regents' Skills Requirement 2002-03 through 2008-2009