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FROM: Kathleen Burk

 SUBJECT: Rater Statistics

Thank you for serving as a rater for the Regents' Testing Program. The following statistics summarize your performance as a rater for the semester. Reported are the number of days you served as a rater, the total number of essays rated, the number of essays rated per day, the agreement percentage, and the percentage of ones, twos, threes, and fours you gave. (The agreement percentage is the percentage of essays for which your pass/fail rating was the same as the final pass/fail rating the essay received.) In addition to your statistics, system averages are provided to assist you in interpreting the information.

                       NUMBER     TOTAL       RATE       %      PERCENTAGE OF RATINGS
                        DAYS      ESSAYS     (E/DY)   AGRMNT      1    2    3    4

Your Performance

 System  Average            

The most important statistics reported are the percentage of ones (failing grades) given to essays and the agreement percentage. If your percentage of failing grades differs substantially from the system average or your agreement percentage is as low as 80%, you may be using a set of standards different from the standards specified for the Regents' Test.

We hope that this information is of interest to you and that it will be useful if you serve as a rater of Regents' Testing Program essays in the future. Please let me or your scoring coordinator know if you have any questions or suggestions for improving this report.

Last updated: August 26,1998