University Administrative Council

June 3, 1998



Members present:       Ahmed Abdelal, Cleon Arrington, Roy Bahl, Reid Christenberry, Tim Crimmins, Bill Decatur, Mary Finn, Sherry Gaines, Sid Harris, Ron Henry, Charlene Hurt, Fred Jacobs, John Marshall, Bob McGinnis, John Newman, Carl Patton (presiding), Jim Scott, Carol Whitcomb, Carol Winkler


Members absent:        Paul Alberto, Sam Deitz, Janice Griffith, Tameka Harper, Hugh Hudson, Tom Lewis


Others present:           Steve Kaminshine (for Dr. Griffith), Steve Langston, Orby Moss, Karen Schultz (for Deitz), Edgar Torbert (secretary)


The minutes of February 4 were approved as distributed.


Name Change of Division of Student Life and Enrollment Services


Dr. Scott presented a proposed change of name for the Division of Student Life and Enrollment Services to the Division of Student Services.  Dr. Henry made a motion to endorse the name changes as presented.  Dr. Abdelal seconded the motion.  The motion passed.


Graduate School for Regional Development in Côte d'Ivoire


Dr. Langston presented documents for discussion concerning establishment of a Graduate School for Regional Development (GSRD) in Côte d'Ivoire and the role of GSU.  Dr. Langston cited projected funding sources from governments and international agencies.  Dr. Henry noted linkages to the international initiative aspects of the University Strategic Plan.  Dr. Patton reported support form Speaker Gingrich for this initiative, in particular as a potential Internet and distance learning application.  Dr. Bahl cautioned that language might be a problem.  Dr. Langston responded (a) GSRD would be a bilingual school with an English language institute as its "front door" and (b) an existing degree program in agricultural economics was taught in English.  Dr. Schultz cited heavy demand currently for intensive English language courses.  Dr. Abdelal suggested making funding for English proficiency a project goal as had been done with the Egyptian initiative.  Dr. Decatur raised questions about costs to GSU.  Dr. Henry responded the extent of GSU commitment pending full development of the proposal and further university review would be devotion of Dr. Langston full-time to the project.  Dr. Schultz emphasized the advantage of university infrastructure support for this kind of initiative, and attributed inclusion of GSU in the World Bank Roundtable to this commitment.  Dr. Abdelal commended the vision of the African focus and emphasized investment of university "seed" resources should be followed up by hustling for external funds.  Dr. Winkler questioned whether GSRD would be autonomous with respect to program reviews or its programs would be reviewed within GSU.  Dr. Langston responded none of the GSRD degrees would be GSU degrees.  Dr. Henry made a motion to endorse the development efforts underway.  Dr. Scott seconded the motion.  The motion was passed.


SACS and NCAA Visit Response Strategies


Dr. Henry presented a draft summary of the recommendations and suggestions from the NCAA visit.  Dr. Henry pointed out three recommendations were to be addressed immediately upon receipt of the final report (October or November 1998), eight within 30 days, and two within 6 months.  He indicated work would begin right away on these items with allowance for timely approval through the university governance structure.  He noted two major areas requiring response: (a) admissions and student support services and (b) incorporation of the intercollegiate athletics strategic plan in the University Strategic Plan with attention to gender equity and opportunities for minority students and staff.  Mr. Moss emphasized the visiting team found all operating principles were met.  Mr. Moss added that subcommittees of the steering committee were in process of addressing the recommendations.  Dr. Henry asked if students were included on the subcommittees.  Mr. Moss replied there were students and faculty on all subcommittees.  Dr. Winkler asked if the Senate Planning and Development Committee was represented on the subcommittee dealing with strategic plan issues.  Mr. Moss indicated he would check on this.


Dr. Crimmins presented a draft summary of the recommendations from the SACS visit.  Dr. Crimmins reported recommendation #22 had not been read at the exit session and consequently had been withdrawn.  He observed that most of the recommendations pertained to initiatives already in progress, but not finished in time for the site visit.  He indicated GSU was in a good position to respond to all of these.




Dr. Patton welcomed new members, Dr. Finn and Ms. Whitcomb.


Dr. Patton announced Board of Regents approval of the Recreation Center and Alpharetta-North Metro Center projects.  He also reported progress in acquiring properties for construction of the New Classroom Building.  He pointed out lobbying efforts would focus on the new teaching lab building, research university shares of MRRF dollars, and FY00 salary increases.  He urged use of earned vacation time.


Dr. Scott reported no risk to students, faculty, or staff from a student with meningitis.  He suggested questions be directed to Dr. Myra Carmon.


Dr. McGinnis reported 71% participation in the Faculty-Staff Campaign, and thanked campaign leadership for this exceptional achievement.


Dr. Patton announced Dr. Paula Stephan would receive an award from the Governor for the success of the State Charitable Contributions Campaign at GSU.


Dr. Patton announced Atlanta historian, Franklin Garrett, would receive an honorary degree at June commencement exercises.  Dr. Patton urged attendance by more faculty at the afternoon commencement.