Section 17. Fiscal Advisory Committee to the President
  1. The Fiscal Advisory Committee to the President shall be composed of the Provost, the Vice President for Finance and Administration, one additional vice president selected by the remaining vice presidents, two deans selected by the Council of Deans, the Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, the Chair of the Senate Planning and Development Committee, two additional elected senators elected by a vote of the chairs of all Senate committees, the chair of the Staff Council, and the President of the Student Government Association. Members' terms will start the last week of spring semester.
  2. The Fiscal Advisory Committee to the President will provide the forum for developing university-wide recommendations on the university budget and recommendations regarding final budget allocations or changes in allocations. Recommendations from this committee to the President will be based on university strategic plan, state-level revenue projections, college and division budget recommendations, Senate Budget Committee recommendations, and input from various university constituencies.
  3. The chair of the committee (normally the Provost) will be appointed annually by the President.

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