Section 20. Special Committees
  1. If at any time the need for special committee(s) should arise, the University Senate may create such special committee(s) to study and make recommendations to the Senate on any matter which concerns the interest of the University, over which the University Senate has jurisdiction, but which does not come within the jurisdiction of any standing committee. The Senate shall elect or authorize the appointment of such special committee(s).

  2. Special committees shall be announced to the Senate and the purpose and composition of each committee shall be included in the minutes of the Senate for the meeting if the appointment is interim. When a special committee has completed its mission, an announcement of its termination shall be made at the next regular meeting of the Senate. No special committee shall continue in existence more than twelve (12) months unless its term is extended by a majority vote of the Senate.

  3. Nothing in this section shall refute the University President's power to appoint special or standing committees as specified in Article II, Section 1D, of the Statutes of Georgia State University.

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