March 29, 1999

Members Present: Missy Cody, Charlene Hurt, John Kesner, Ellwood Oakley, Bob Propst, Mary Ann Romski, Jeff Rupp, Vida Scarpello, P. C. Tai, Vijay Vaishnavi, Carol Whitcomb, Armenia Williams, Harry Wyatt
Members Absent: Lauren Adamson, Gordon Anderson, Cleon Arrington, Chip Barksdale, Jim Boles, Tim Crimmins, William Decatur, Wanda Gaither, Truman Hartshorn, Ronald Henry, Julie Hotchkiss, Philo Hutcheson, Michael Landau, Richard Mafong, Michael Moore, Chris Paton, Joseph Rabianski, George Rainbolt, Jeff Rupp, James Scott, John Thomas, Jefferson Wallace, Richard Welke, LaKisha Williams, Carol Winkler, Judith Wold

Committee Chairman, Vijay Vaishnavi, called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m.

The first order of business was to approve the minutes from the February 22, 1999 Planning and Development Committee meeting. The motion was made and passed to approve the minutes with two corrected name spellings for Harvey Shumpert and Harry Wyatt.

A handout titled FY 99 Operating Budget was distributed and Harry Wyatt presented the FY 2000 Funding for Moves and Renovation project. The funds approved for two projects (Wachovia Building Supplement and the Policy Studies Move) are not needed this year so approximately $1.2 million will be reallocated and encumbered in FY 99.

The Schedule of Major Projects handout listed the completion dates as follows:

Commerce Building, 10th fl. for IS&T May 99

Alpharetta Center Dec 99

Wachovia Lease for Policy Studies Fall 2000

Expansion of Parking Deck M Mar 2000

Recreation Center Jun 2001

Aderhold Learning Center Jul 2001

Harry Wyatt discussed the Cost Background for Selected Projects handout and said the $11,560,000 budget for the Alpharetta Center is for construction so an additional $1.7 million will be needed for equipment and furniture. The schedule and funds for the Wachovia renovation are controlled by the Georgia Building Authority and the $10,643,800 budget includes a high 20% contingency which contributes to the expected $2.6 million deficit. Georgia State University (GSU) is lobbying to get the Wachovia project under GSU control. The 10th floor renovation of the Commerce Building is close to completion for IS&T occupancy and an additional $3 will be needed to complete floors 11-13.

Harry Wyatt explained the difference between the Moves and Renovation Budget, which is a line item in the Operations Budget, and the MRRF (Major Repair and Rehabilitation Fund), which is similar to a capital request.

The next handout Proposed Moves & Renovations Funding showed ten projects with Plan A funding and Backup approved by CBSAC on March 3, 1999. Harry Wyatt went over each project and answered questions. The list is not all-inclusive.

The motion was made to approve the Proposed Moves & Renovations Funding which included Plan A and the Backup Plan. The vote was 11-Yea and 1-Nay (Dr Tai).

The meeting adjourned at 1:55p.m.

Submitted by Sally Smith