1/11/77 Board of Regents approved GSU Statutes.

3/13/79 Board of Regents approved minor amendments.(text not available in minutes).

2/7/80 Article VI, 1.B. amended as "any student vacancy occurring during an elected term of office shall be filled by the senate of the Student Government Association"...

Article VI, 1.C. amended as "The remaining nine (9) student representatives shall be elected annually during the winter quarter."

Article VI, 4. amended as "Faculty members and students who are not members of the Senate may be included on all senate committees except the Executive Committee and where otherwise specified."

Article XI, 9. amended as " Office Hours". A member of the faculty is expected to post and publish in the medium provided."

Article XI, 11. amended as "In determining faculty salary increases consideration shall be given scholarly attainment and professional growth as evidenced by each of the following."

4/23/81 Article XI, 25. Faculty Appeals Procedure amended. (Text available in minutes.)

3/9/82 Article VI, 1.C. Amended. (text not available).

5/5/83i Amended. (Text not available.)

5/3/84 Article XI, 14. Promotion and Tenure. Amended subsections a, b, c, d, e, g.

5/2/85 Article I, 3. amended to insert after the College of Education "the College of Health Sciences, the College of Law, the College of Public and Urban Affairs".

5/5/88 Article VIII. Change Section 2 to Section 3 and add new section 2 on evaluation of deans and department chairs. (Text available in minutes).

10/27/88 Renumber Article VIII, Section 2 as Section 3.

Insert new Article VIII, Section 2 on evaluation of deans, University Librarian, and the Director of Developmental Studies.

Article X, 2. Delete "The nomination and appointment of a chairman shall be for a three (3) year term. A chairman may be re-nominated for additional terms. Evaluation procedures involving faulty shall be utilized before the decision to reappoint the chairman is made by the dean." Insert "The chairman shall be evaluated by the faculty of the department at least every three years. This evaluation shall be conducted by the dean who shall notify the President of the results of this evaluation which shall be used in the overall evaluation of the chairman's performance."

5/4/89 Amended to remove Gender related Language from the Statutes.

10/26/89 Created new administrative position "Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost". See Article III.

5/3/90 Amended Article VI, 1.A. as "the President may appoint eleven (11) additional faculty or officers of administration after consultation with the Executive Committee of the Senate;... The additional members from general administration or faculty shall be appointed annually".

5/17/90 Article V, 1. Amended to redefine faculty membership.

Article IX, Section 1. add faculty membership definition and renumber other sections accordingly.

Add Article X, Sections 1 and 2 Defining faculty, departments, schools, institutes, and membership.

Article VI, 1.A. Amended to read "the President may appoint eleven (11) additional officers of the administration or members of the faculty after consultation with the Executive Committee.

10/25/90 Article VI, 1.A. amended to allow for permanent Senate membership for Vice Presidents.

Article VI, 4. Delete " who shall serve as chair" after the President and delete "who shall serve as chair" after the Vice President and Provost.

10/24/91 Delete old Article XI, Section 25. Insert new Article XI, Section 25 (Faculty Appeals Procedure). (Approved by Senate 10/91; submitted to Board of Regents 2/92; Approved by Board of Regents 4/13/94.)

4/30/92 Amended to add the Staff Advisory Council as Article VII.

10/29/92 Amended to eliminate the Graduate Board and to remove all language referring to the Board. This eliminated all of Article VIII, The Graduate Board, and subsequent articles were renumbered. Eliminated references in Art. IV, Section 1 and Art. VI. Section 1.

2/25/93 Deleted "and a unit consisting of those individuals who faculty ranks are not in one of the units previously specified in this section;" from Article VI, Section 1.A. (i.e., deletion of "non-disciplinary" faculty as a voting unit for representation.)

3/2/95 Approved change of all references to the Division of Developmental Studies to the Division of Learning Support Programs (change in the unit's name).

9/28/95 Approved change of the academic unit status of Learning Support Programs (from Division of LSP to Department of LSP, College of Arts and Sciences), effective 10/2/95. Action was approved by the Board of Regents 11/7-8/95, effective immediately. (Informational item - no actual change was made to the Statutes on 9/28/95.)

2/20/97 Approved addition of School of Policy Studies and deletion of College of Public and Urban Affairs to Article I, Section 3. Deleted instance of Division of LSP from Article VI, Section 1A and Director of LSP from Article VIII, Section 2.

4/24/97 Approved inclusion of academic professional to membership of the university faculty (Article V, Section 1).

10/30/97 Changed name of College of Health Sciences to College of Health and Human Sciences (Art. I, Section 3). Changed the date that faculty are eligible to be counted for inclusion on departmental tallies for Senate elections (Art. VI, Section 1 B).

2/19/98 Codified the recording and dissemination of Senate and Senate committee minutes (Article VI, Section 3).

10/8/98 Changed text to reflect the conversion from quarters to semesters.

12/15/98 Changed name of College of Business Administration to J. Mack Robinson College of Business (Article I, Section 3).

12/9/99 Changed name of School of Policy Studies to Andrew Young School of Policy Studies (Art I, Section 3).

3/22/01 Amended Article XI, Sections 23 and 24, to align quoted sections from the Policy Manual of the Board of Regents with these Statutes. Only those sections directly quoted were amended.

4/12/01 Amended to allow exception for Fiscal Advisory Committee to the President in committee membership criteria (Article VI, Section 4).

12/6/01 Amended to change Senate calendar from four to five meetings, to move the organizational meeting from the last meeting of the spring semester to the first meeting of the fall semester, and to move the deadline for the election of Senators from early spring semester to the midpoint of that same semester (Article VI, Section 1, B&C).

12/5/02 Amended to add staff representatives to the University Senate (Article VI, Sections 1A, 1B, and adding 1D).

4/24/03 Amended to exclude faculty with visiting or temporary appointments from the census for determining Senate representation (Article VI, Section 1).

4/29/04 Amended to change Senate calendar (Article VI, Sections 2 and 3). Defined "ex officio faculty status" (Article V, Section 2).

10/21/04 Amended to change the name of the Staff Council (Art. VII, Sec 1 and in the Table of Contents). Added "institutes" to Art. VI. Section 1.

10/5/06 Amended to change the non-discrimination policy (Article XV) and to adjust titles and Senate committee names (various Articles).

4/19/07 Amended Article VI. Section D.

3/29/10 Amended Article VI. Section 1A. Add a non-voting member of the Emereti Association to the University Senate.

1/27/11 Added Article IX: Evaluation of Administrators and renumbered remaining articles.


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